Poem of the Day– Frustration Passing

Frustration – Passing

I crash bonnets with bullets crying troubled stories of windswept landscapes

In my tent, barking with morning malice in jaw stretching repitition

Then I challenge visionary women clasping bar bra madness

Standing steady with pretty ringlets, calling shots in my minds eye a rough sea kaleidoscope.

Dancing stars moving mountains and evidence from shore to droplet,

Colours dripping prim and proper crazy, I’m an angry lone star deputy

Chasing features that don’t exist,

Designing dreams that only persist

Then I champion causes that effect mastication

Chew on the fat of mass debating autocrats, shot up blood oozing, blocked veins bruising, I shock the neighbouring manners.

Merchandise mucky, quality unsure cut with pepper burning addition inject impure.

My headache cramps and legs shaking projectile vomitting strangely unrelenting.

Wash down with whisky and soda and bang up again lets see if we can finish off the light

Switch down the purpose, crush the pill, stir up the teaspoon and drink together in loved wonder.

Wake one day to escape unreality, just try no immersion evolve free of pollution

Stepping out into ordinary impulses, to grow the internal combustive appreciation

Sliding into car crushed deep canals between places with smog gone city in cinema night neon

Pressing for perception a flutter inside, a recognition a slipper to find,

Glass hearted shoe shine from years of protection for death row living to chequered hoping

Driven to experience beauty

I remember the past as an envoy to a future that has a chance

At last.

The cringe is still rising

The fashion is real and choking

The time to embrace is meaning

Chance the stinging is smarting and greetings to the dull thudding of death repeating

As friends pass by the minute

As they did in the past and always will do together live best

True with purpose

Creating a history not losing to its mystery I must.

March 30th 2015 Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee

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