Poem of the Day — Screeching Mama

Screeching Mama

Sensible ability falls short of pill bottles landing squarely on the plate of justice

My rose tree branching leaves of paper; reading words of transient thought.

I am progressing through a temporary browsing history of images

Of puddles in heavens opening raining sugar candy

Debate the dialogue of questions asking for tasks to be done

Follow my path a delight of lamps flashing

I take and sever painstaking stretches of band; smarting the hands in recourse of elastic snaps.

Paper cut pains reveal my distaste for cutting edge technology and drips the corner of my eyes into pressure

Friendships all at sea; drift in argumentative future uncertainty.

Pleased with time to think apart from doing the work doing the words of constantly not doing to mention a change in a heart transition.

Engage with a mission attrition, politician spending cuts the paper

Burns with blood of mean greedy business minded creativity

Provoking reaction and denial

Belief in hope driven progress

Halted by my angry foolish short sighted disbelief


An ending

March 31st a rewrite Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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