Poem of the Day — Staring at the Wind

Staring at the Wind

My eyelids falling like trapeze artists missing the catch

Caught in the net, by lazy endorphins

I rest my case on the chamber

A pot just filling with rippling trinkets

I stare at malevolent eyes

As clouds black and purple stained drift in the sky

My pulse racing to stay alive

Awake, aghast at blue beauty

Rising slightly before me

A tear dripped decision

Precision jumping on the spot

A creased page number, picked in my dreams

Screaming danger, I cry out for a mug shot

To see the service handler

Cringing in the corner valuing nothing

I’m troubled by groups of starlings

Flapping in my ear

I am whipped like cream

I have lost my diminishing esteem

I feel angry at such an affront

Back to the start

The beginning

April 1st 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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