Series Ongoing Story — Chapter 9 Episode 1 — ROSIE

CHAPTER 9/part 1– Rosie

Jasper reached out slowly; elegantly, glamorously like a dancer. He took the bird; the delicate light blue paper origami bird and flapped its wings, gently passing the eyes of Rosie. She, just a tiny angel; quiet and watchful, with large ginger-brown eyes looked on slowly and in wonder, as the beautiful object floated sublimely by. Then it disappeared suddenly. There was a magical moment, an image, a heart fluttering flash, followed by joyous laughter.

Jasper, are you OK if I just go out for a couple of hours, with Rosie I mean?” Stephanie called out from the bedroom. “No problem” Jasper, hardly moving a muscle clearly replied. He was happy to be with his beautiful daughter all the time, if he could. Stephanie knew this and just needed to get out now and then, so she could remember how to be human. It was tough being with a baby all day. She started to question her own sanity sometimes. So the once a month night out with the girls and the in between meet up in the coffee bars were great. Jasper really supported her. He was a real talent and able to turn his hand to anything; and since Rosie had been born all the magic was flowing from him. He seemed to be a channel for joy. Stephanie felt free and so happy.

Bye then my darlings, see you late” the door gently closed. Jasper expected Steph to be a lot longer than a couple of hours. He knew the drill with the little one Rosie pointed to his hand and the pretty bird suddenly popped up; she stared at the bird and quite naturally it seemed to come alive. The bird left Jaspers’ hand and fluttered up in the air and hovered by the window. Jasper opened it and they sat together as the bird flapped towards the bright and enchanting full moon. There was a hush, a sense of magic a genius atmosphere All the world seemed to gather in the moment.

Welcome to the rest of Book 1. I thought there was going to be book to. These are in fact the etchings for The Eternal distance BOOK 1 continued

April 1st

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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