Poem of the Day — Blanket Cover

Blanket cover

My plucked dream state

A collection of  feelings

Tightening the string across my shoulders

Feeling the weight beneath me

Drag down the dripping rancour

In spite of my humour

It’s looming spirit cowers and lies shallow

Like a drying up puddle

My thoughts messed up in a moving menace

Whispering tunes that hover like a mist in the trees

I see and smell bells of blue

Shadowing the green carpet of leaves

Springing fresh anointing breeze

Covering my eyes to see enlightened

Flattering the much maligned scenery

A town built on spiritual poverty

Now I am swept clean of sorrow

A blessing in disguise

Eyes now set on the horizon

An escape from the wintry season

As sunlight breaks though my copper black cloud

Wrapping a shroud around my mother

No less an entreaty

To free her essence into the universe

A converse attitude

To grieving

Goodbye to all restful resignation

Of a future true comfort in time

April 2nd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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