Poem of the Day — Scratch card Sensitivity

Scratch card Sensitivity

I have practical, bring it home roses,

Wrapped in foil, crinkling shiny

A magpies picking at shocking nest débâcle.

An attack on the good guys

My leaking shoes shaking the sodden socks

My emotions well up a history in real time

Hours built up on the credit card bill

To pay for a tall glass edifice, rich in gambling

My cards are on the table

Marble shimmering, a bargain at half the price

I look to reset rage to reason

My vision blocked by commotion

Praying for decisions in lantern shadows

Lose my place in the dog eared bible

Black and green menacing streams coagulate

Mark the temperature is rising

Anxiety is eased by the springtime sunshine

Breathe gently


April 7th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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