Poem of the Day — Far Reaching Poise

Far Reaching Poise

Porcelain face, smooth rich and grandiose

Chandelier shining in reflected diamond necklace

My heart skips a beat as the purple surplus gown

Slithers onto the black polished marble entrance

A grimace as flashes take the place of beauty

Spoiled in seconds; I turn and stroll back to the buffet.

Stuff my face with anchovy

Return to the façade I reckon to be following

Bellowing ignorance and nuclear armed finance

A call out, rule bending issue.

A tissue for the transplant

A red lipped wonder recalls the mystery.

Hysterical laughter jumbles hatred to deception

My lively mind murders,

A jacked up four wheel driver

The one in the shades

That took the picture

Took that moments magic away

April 11th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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