Series ongoing Story — The Eternal Distance CH8 part 7 and 8

I didn’t get writers block just creative mega busy especially painting. Realised have not put the end of Chapter 8 on blog. I feel it is a cause for eventual completion. Never give up I tell myself

CHAPTER 8/part 7 – Mission

As time went on Jess had less peculiar events in his life, there was no more strange writing or conversations with Max his parrot. He very quickly became involved in eh IDEA Factory system. He circumvented the need to pass through the academic hierarchy and spent a lot of time with his grandparents; eventually basing himself in Switzerland with them. He was working through the masses of data that had been collected before the day he re-generated.

Only Gerald, Gary, Greg and Marie knew what had happened, Jess had a task in hand and was quietly aware inside that he was the beginning of a new age. He was able to grasp and translate the writing that he had almost involuntarily done when he was a small boy. Gerald felt that this was the beginning too and that the event had been the first step; Jess was building an understanding, almost expanding the moment.

Early in life Jess had been a conduit for complex formulae. The IDEA Factory, that had been set up by Jess’s father Tom had a whole way of processing this data that was completely revolutionary. Up until the time when Tom set them up, empirical and proven theory had been the “set in stone” and controlled way of progressing understanding. Now the right side brain approach was equally as important. It had increasingly important in the whole of society; with the material world failing miserably and economies going to ruin, as people turned away from the growth model, that had developed in this young, ignorant global community.

The truth is out there, it’s just a case of allowing yourself to connect with it. This was Jess’s motivation and conviction. Consequently he successfully trawled through oceans of data in a fraction of the time that it took others.

January 26th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

CHAPTER 8/part 8– Celebration

Jack and Netty and the whole team of great friends had a break for a few months after their extraordinary experience with the Eternal Intelligence Origin. Netty had put a celebration dinner together and they were all due to see each other for the first time. Jack knew that this break was important, but like the others had developed such a strong bond through working together on this incredible project.

Of course Jack hadn’t stopped working, he never did; it was his life. Netty knew that, and so they hadn’t been away; there was no need, both of them loved everything about where they lived. It was a wonderful spot by the harbour and had been an important factor in the projects success so far. Jack had realised some important factors. He knew that the friendships he had developed with these wonderful young people effectively existed throughout time; as this time exists always. It is the moment that is critical as it always exists somewhere.

They all knew that humanity was at a cross road. Unless a collective understanding of the principles of the eternal nature of life became the basis of society the the future would continue to be bleak. So eac persons moment is unique; an opportunity to treasure life itself.

It was a beautiful mid summers evening and everyone had congregated out on the veranda; Jack announced that some special guests had arrived. A man in his sixties with silver grey hair and a matching beard came on to the veranda followed by his tanned and glamorous wife. Some of the team had met them before but all of them. After the warm intorductions and embraces the couple stood together and looked out onto the harbour.

It’s strange you know Natalie. I feel like I have known these amazing young people all my life.” Jack’s father Jess smiled as he gently put his hand on his wife’s shoulder.

Already underway in Chapter 9

January 26th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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