Poem of the Day — Inner Sculpture

Inner Sculpture

Squashed net, my party crushed cocktail

A balanced conundrum; a bleak hallowed response

To light and grey, a white expanse

Practically levelled in pure titanic overtures

A symphony of cylinders moving, with carved out decisions

A balmy rendition; a tunnelled condition

The pantry is plucked in situation

An abbreviated, short-term fancy

Explanation carved into light like gravity

Supposedly foremost in tradition spread out in regal fashion

Steadily and readily impressed

Forging forgotten memories into a vacuous prism

Fickle light blue challenging, changing

A misty tube alluding to the future

Held in comforting charms

A wind blown backwards

A stream flowing upwards

A spark flashing in water

A bleeding, structured tutor,

Telling tales of out grown habits

Mixing truth in buckets

Sucking eyes from torn out sockets

Fishing for friends

A deep sea ailment

Bordering on the adventures

Of a timeless idea

A level of grandeur

Toned up gladness

A sunny style, swimming in glue

Stuck in mode and aspects of creaking undergrowth

Beckon forth a flower

the decked garden hour

Is feathered and broken




Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee April 26th 2015

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