Poem of the Day — Target Memory

Target Memory

Gargoyle spewing, drawing my owned comparison

A daughter of dead butcher plays havoc with my mind

I go internally ballistic

A mystic tripping outcry

Sighing for crippling injustice

I govern a scene to clapped out homeless addict

A messier of the mind; a desire for the needle again

A penetrating desire

To suck out and pump in an invader

A raider of my system

A chemical transition

I go to another conurbation

Just a station for change on the outside

The trouble with digging to deep

Is that you can fall in

Again my heart breaks

Rejection from another,

So cruel the window mists with tears

Covered in filth and resentment

I quit my quitting

Resign to denial

My own solemn trial

As nobody can understand

I am a mixed up man

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee April 30th 2015

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