Ongoing Series — The Eternal Distance Ch9 part 2 — Chas

CHAPTER 9/part 2– Chas                              Finally getting my typing into gear

Steam filled the bathroom as the shower warmed up. There was no heating in the small square shower room. That was okay for Chas; he didn’t mind, as he liked to get a shift on in the mornings. He was in good shape these days after a few months of strict diet and exercise. Chas liked his food and if he could easily put on quite a lot of weight. He also knew that food was his way of coping with stress; not that he seemed to outwardly show any signs of it, that was the point. Still he was also intelligent enough to realise that if he was going to achieve all the things he desired he needed to look after his well being. So all of this added up to quite a strict regime that he actually enjoyed.

Chas ran a couple of marketting businesses so he had to respond to queries on his mobile pretty well as soon as he had his first coffee. His marketting businesses were not just any run of the mill affair. He was owning one and partly owning the second and they were involved in what had become the shift in global economic thinking. Through the work of the Ideas Factory it had become understood that the only way for the planet to survive the continuous onslaught of abuse from humanity would be to evolve a balance where poverty would be all but eradicated. At last people understood that wealth and health could not be sustained at the expense of others. Chas was aware of this and actually began to live his life accordingly. No more chasing for the bigger car. No need to go on the most expensive vacation; let’s think about investing ways in evolving methods of transport with less impact on the environment.

Sure enough as soon as he was out of the shower his phone was vibrating and singing. Chas loved trance music so all his ringtones inspired him to be on the case when he answered. He plugged in his ear piece and began calmly relaying instruction while he squeezed and orange into his juice and clicked the switch for his coffee machine.

Chas was from Goa, had been to University in California and went on to get an Business Studies Masters. He was in his early thirties, very handsome and had become wealthy quickly. He didn’t flaunt his money and was devoted to his tough work schedule. His companies had a direct connection with the development of some of the poorest areas around the globe. His battle was against greed. Although a greater understanding of what needed to happen existed the destructive nature of human nature still had the upper hand. However Chas was no ordinary man; he had a gift. Chas was able to hear what people were really thinking without them knowing it.

Of course he could have used this skill to his own advantage, however he had elected not to. There was good reason for this; Chas was third generation in the new humanity growth group. This was initiated in the times when the Ideas Farctory was in its infancy. The I F worked on the premise that all the power and genius you needed was right where you needed it; in your own life. The first trick to accessing it was to recognise that it is for sharing. Also to gain maximum effect from this process it is best to recognise the group counciousness. Chas’s phone rang,” Chas this is Tom” There was silence. For once Chas was lost for words.

April 20th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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