Ongoing Series – Chapter 9 part 3 – Archive

CHAPTER 9/part 3– Archive

Jay looked beyond the dust that settled before his eyes. Dust that converged from the high ceiling bookshelf that had been left untouched for so long. The closed halls had been hidden, and closed to visitors, in the makeshift industrial estate. The books were a residue from old school research and Jay was on the team that had been asked to look over the material. It had been normal procedure for on screen data to be the point of reference. However it had become apparent that something was missing. Tom and Jane had done extensive research before their disappearance and Jay who was now nearly fifty was a world leading expert on the Eternal Distance Time theorem.

There was a growing belief that Tom and Jane were still active some how in everything. How, well that was the mystery. Technically time wise they should be dead or be approaching 150 years old. What was understood though, was that time and how it worked was the science still not fully grasped. Humanity, in particular the Idea Factory knew that something bordering on eternity played a significant part in this conundrum, but what no-one knew, was how. Jay was looking for clues, anything really. Inevitably all the incredible creative thinking was coming into the dangerous fixing mode. Fixing thoughts to moments stopped the searching and began to erode the realities that had been uncovered. This is difficult to understand, Jay knew that his battle was against the ignorance that pervaded humanity about the true nature of time and the true universe.

This is why he was trying to avert this flow of doubt with new concrete evidence to support Eternal Distance, otherwise its true value would be lost. The facility he was in, had been kept closed and guarded by the military. This was not unusual as they had a wide collection of carefully protected secrets. Enough time had elapsed to allow a visit to the laboratory. The general public had all but lost interest in what had happened here, so there seemingly was no security risk.

Jay looked up and noticed one book; more like a loose binder that was sticking out and appeared to be dust free. He excitedly got a step ladder and claimed his prize. As soon as he touched it he felt a strange knot tie in the centre of his naval. Jay felt plugged into something as if he was about to be born with and umbilical cord still attached. He immediately felt an urgency and hid the folder in his attaché case.

On his way out the guards were relaxed when he passed them and so he purposefully left and drove back into town. He was staying in a reasonable hotel. He did a lot of travelling and made sure that when he wasn’t working he had good accommodation. Still carrying this knot in his centre Jay calmly went to his room locked the door and opened the file. As he opened the file a photograph began to develop before his eyes. It moved; it was a couple. They turned and smiled at Jay. It was Tom and Jane.

April 22nd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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