Ongoing Series – Chapter 9 part 4 and 5 – Friend alert – Through brick walls

CHAPTER 9/part 4– Friend alert

Chas went outside his apartment. There really was no time to process the call he had just witnessed. The call he had answered sounded like voice of Tom Although Chas had never known him he had listened to a lot of audio recordings of Tom lecturing. Maybe it was somebody winding him up. Not unheard of by any means; in fact Chas was a bit of a prankster himself. However this conclusion didn’t fit as there was no-one in his immediate circle of acquaintances who even knew about Tom. In fact Chas had only known of Tom through the Idea Factory.

Anyhow all he had heard was “Hello this is Tom” and then the line went dead. He climbed into the back seat of his Bentley Convertible and flicked a switch to start work. He had a driver a Swiss guy who was nice and invisible who just did the driving. He always drove nice and gently and was prompt reliable and a good listener without being invasive. This was useful for Chas in his work pattern. He enjoyed the buzz of not knowing what might happen next and also being able to respond to problems quickly. As Chas was able to feel his thoughts he knew that Leon was a good sort only wishing to do a good job; he was paid very well.

Chas needed to feel safe as a lot of his work was about handling millions of dollars and there were a lot of unsavoury characters following his development very closely. Chas was gathering lots of information from his early morning conference calls when his private phone went off again. This time it was a message from his old friend Jay. He wanted to see him urgently. Chas responded straight away as he was well aware that it must be really important for Jay to mention urgent in his message. So he closed down his conference calls and instructed Leon to change direction to the hotel that Jay had put in his message.

April 23rd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

CHAPTER 9/part 5– Through brick walls

Stephanie was up early with Rosie. Jasper was out working. He helped people get through brick walls; metaphorically of course. Jasper could have easily solved his clients problems immediately; however he took the route of empowering. He showed people that they have the way themselves. Usually it was a way of thinking that he worked on. Breaking peoples minds out of the boundaries in which they generally existed.

Stephanie wasn’t really aware of just how extraordinary her daughter and Jasper were. Rosie was no ordinary child; Stephanie kind of knew this. Every now and then Rosie would be in one place and then in another without apparently moving. It was never enough to alarm anyone; she could instinctively control her movements very carefully. It was like she was practising for something or somebody. Jasper was fully aware and also controlled his own time and space magic. It was important that the knowledge; the Eternal Distance instinct spread carefully and slowly. Of course time was partly the illusion that was being exposed.

Jasper met his client and old friend Daniel who was struggling with his business. It was about the product he had been selling. Suddenly large corporate business had produced a legal copy of it. Daniel just couldn’t perceive a way out of the trap he was in. What could he do except give up and try something else or just go broke and give up all together. This was the over arching conclusion that his mind kept returning to.

The product was a slam box that attached itself to most communication devices. It was and interface that you could talk to and control pretty well anything. Straight away Jasper though of a solution, but he just probed Daniel trying to awaken his creative impulse. Daniel needed to change his linear way of thinking. Jasper performed a small illusion to shake Daniel’s attachments. Was it an illusion, nobody could tell. He the small box. It was a shiny box with mirror reflection son all sides of the cube. Jasper covered the box with the palm of his had then quickly took his hand away and pointed to a table at the other end of the board room. The box was there.

Jasper’s phone vibrated; it was a text from Jay. Without hesitation Jasper said his apologies to Daniel and told him that he must go as the call was an emergency. “Remember make the impossible possible; it’s the same process that you followed when you first had the idea Dan.” With that Jasper quickly left and made his way to the hotel where Jay was staying.

April 23rd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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