Poem of the Day — Break Task

Break Task

Jawed up mystic, a trick up your sleeve

Retrieve some kind of wisdom,

From dusk to dawn; the taxi is driven

Given to the driver who plucked up the courage

A colour red dreamer, a schemer a whitewash wall

A treated carbon footprint lamenting the end of Spring

A sin to follow merry weather

Or not, it is a question

I felt beastly and swam in for a wild dream listening

Glistening like a Christmas decoration

The station is guarded by full on snorters

The grunting costumed maniacs

Fear driven with red lights flashing

Cashing in on broken windows

The ones we jump through

Not hoops but classical clothes shops

After some pencil thin tight fitting jeans

Time for a change, with a steel pulling zip fly insert

A shiny one that makes me sick

When it severs the skin

And I bleed in the sink again

No cotton wool to stamp out the pumping

So much adrenaline can’t stop the flowing

Killed by a trouser or a shard of glass

Silly arse

Time to flick the ashtray out of the way

Let the brothers come and stay

Drink to their health

Drink to their death

Bury them

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee May 3rd 2015

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