Series Ongoing — Chapter 9 part 6 and 7 — Eternal Moment and Baby Dream

CHAPTER 9/part 6– Eternal Moment

Jay checked the corridor of his hotel. He was well aware that over the years the military had kept a close watch on his activities. Interestingly and importantly this urgency had somewhat dissipated of late. Lateral time as humankind still believed to be true had on this occasion served jay and his friends well. He turned to Chas and Jasper who had now arrived and were anxious to know what the call was about. Chas started, “I had a call this morning and all I heard was what sounded like Toms voice.” “Have a look at this you two,” Jay gestured to his two long term friends to approach the binder as he opened it.

As the three of them looked at the binder the scene had changed much to Jays amazement. Tom and Jane wasted no time as Tom addressed them from the page. They could here his voice in their minds. “It’s great to see you guy. Luckily we don’t need to explain everything to you in one go. I know you realise how important your time on is at the moment. The struggle is with the rest of humanity. What we don’t want is conflict in the transition period. What we well and can do now is show you some more of the Eternal Distance so real progress can be made. We need your full commitment gentlemen. The bonus is we can show you in no time at all.” Tom and Jane laughed out loud and the three men shook hands, embraced and excitedly agreed to participate.

Great; right now for some magic. Jasper put your hand onto this image and you two put your hands on his shoulders. As soon as Jasper did this the three of them felt sucked down a tunnel; they seemed to become one mass of energy together.

Then splat they arrived in a multi coloured sphere, and there before them stood Tom and Jane.

April 26th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

CHAPTER 9/part 7– Baby Dream

Stephanie didn’t need to rush about today. It was quite hard to connect with Rosie. She felt like a servant to a princess. I guess lots of mum’s feel the same she thought as she changed another nappy. She sort of felt like an inferior being. Stephanie had forgotten the dreams she had had with Jasper when they first meant. She had put to the back of her mind her extraordinary childhood and committed herself to being a wife and a mum.

This was going to change. Rosie was lying on the floor of their bathroom. The time had come to remind her mum of her mission. Stephanie binned the nappy and just as she was going to pick up Rosie their eyes locked in a mysterious gaze. Rosie was no longer a baby to Steph. Her body was as she gently placed her small olive hand on Stephanie’s forehead. She felt herself lift out of her body and now she was looking at a beautiful young woman, but she knew it was Rosie.

Rosie held Stephanie’s hand and gestured for her to look around. There were gasses undulating, evolving moulding, iridescent a shimmering sparkling glory; with star like objects popping gently, as if caressed by eternal hands. Was this the Creation; it was certainly stunning and Stephanie felt her dreams and hopes returning. Before they retuned Rosie mouthed a soft and loving,” Thank you mum.” then they were back in their bathroom. At last Stephanie felt some peace and not as she might have thought overwhelmed.

April 30th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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