Series Ongoing — Chapter 9 part 8 The Sphere

CHAPTER 9/part 8 – The Sphere

Okay you three, we are in a different reality; I guess you don’t need ta PHD in astro physics to realise that to be the case!” Jane smiled at Chas, Jasper and Jay who checked out each other and simultaneously let out a nervous laugh. Jane went on,” For the sake of communication we have assumed our human identity: actually this has been a major task in itself and until very recently both Tom and I have thought this may not happen. There is a lot to expain and simply we have to be very direct. We really don’t know how long we can sustain this link with you but we do know that it is part of a bigger plan; that is all we can share at the moment.”

The three young men experienced a sense of eternity and unity between them. They had known that they were linked for an important reason since the days that they were in the Idea Factory Academy together. They became close friends then and recognised that their bond was not like any other that they could see in others. Also they had a sense of secrecy: they were keenly aware that their abilities needed to be protected for a reason. What was that reason? That’s why they were in this situation.

Tom and Jane had an unspoken deep understanding of their guests advanced intuitive grasp of matters that they had only just begun to realise. Jane continued “ Now what you need to understand is that in liniear time or earth time Tom and I have been here for a couple of years. Of course this doesn’t make any sense to us either. However well we understand intlllectually the real concepts of time and space; it is in actuality still very disturbing to consider that we are now in a sphere of existence that defies all that we have become accustomed too. Both of us for a long time had decided that we must have died. In a sense of course we have as this realm is a latent realm. Hence all that you see is merely here to enable us to recognise that our different personalities are indeed seperate and not merged. As I said earlier if you like this is the culmination of our efforts combined with help we have been getting from somewhere. This is the price of devling into the Eternal Distance gentelman. However we are being tasked together to enable the transition of Earth into an advanced civilisation. We knew this or were beginning to connect with this while we were on Earth.”

Chas realised that his abilities were not functioning at the moment but was hardly concerned as he looked at the beautiful Jane. Everything seemed more real to him than any reality he had seen before. What he was keenly aware of was that his friends felt exactly the same.

So in this latent form you will not feel hungry because although everything seems to be here it isn’t, What we have come to understand is that this is where most of the life in the Universe exists. So planets like Earth are a training ground for Universal life; they are but one aspect of all of existence. Yes we are as amazed as you are.” Jane gently beamed at the three buoyant young images in front of her.

So back to your abilities; firstly they won’t be operating for you now and the first thing we need to let you know is that you have only been experiencing a small part of them so far. This is important as you have learnt a lot in a very short space of linear time. Mainly that humanity is still a long way from being civilized. As you are no doubt aware great suspicion would arise if you went public with your individual insight. So we think this is why we are in this situation now; to explain.

May 10th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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