Poem of the Day – Twirling Dreams

Twirling Dreams
Blinking vacuous tones, droning monotonously in bone shaking shadows

Sucked intrepid, thoughtful, in spite of myself

I walk moving poison from its established comfort

Spill the acrid fluid from the hardened artery

Burn holes in punctured personality

Beaming from ear to ear with unspoken tears

A wave of torment grieving with nowhere to trickle

An old label,

A triangle fronted house, its front dressed in dandelion

Wine fit for singing lavender sweet serenades

As comfort seeps between the rocks of sorrow

Arrow mint tea, settled in marginal table clothed miasma

As I wrench some empathy from the manuscript of denial

I am sobbing inside at hurting stories

the ones I tell myself as my eyes are closing

Sleepless nights a gift from eternity

To ponder the wander of the moon sitting in my hand

As I travel through moments

As I die
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 8th June 2015

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