Poem of the day — Ashes Scattered

Ashes scattered
The march, the rescue, under weakened proposals

Shining crimson cloth, blanched, covered, a dim coffin

A dim rainbow reflected in stammering light

A gifted greeting card curled in the corner; brown on the window sill

Misspent youth as the wistful grey curtain turns light

Happy to realise a slide in perception

A windswept beach ball bouncing in a bag

Crossfire hitch up, a bullet blast trinket

Saved the life of a widow

A saddened trumpet calls a messed up jeweller

His diamonds dazzle

A residue of past experience

Vagrant pompous acquiescent water holes

Shimmering, twinkling in separated moments

As I stroll with purpose

As I sung a song in a makeshift way

A bargain to reach its customers

A stride, a petulant adolescent malingerer

Spikes a meal with cyanide

Wide of the mark

So away we take flight in the night

As the lady on the park bench yells,

There you go making up lies again. That’s what they told me!!”

She screams blue fodder

Eating certain sandwiches

Drinking mud pies

Crushed by brick based squares

The glass is hurled and cracked

The head wet

The assailant; dead emotions reeling

Steals away, broken, blistered

The bungling fool no longer listens

I dream

Of bits and pieces

Driven hard in the hell hole of forgiveness.
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 14th June 2015

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