Poem of the Day — Broken Esteem

Broken Esteem
Loose petal breaks away from the mother of many

And drifts to the shore; creased linen market stand receiver takes a bucket to wash them

Translates chiming bells into presumption

Not the gumption to regurgitate the chewed up trip ticket

Used to clean the teeth and swallowed in memories

Cutting the throat on the way down

Screaming in disbelief as wet fills shoes

On the way to the drain blocked madness

Filled with hurt I cover my ears with wet blankets

Drowning the sounds administered by hooting owls

Craven images smashing in curled lips, red and scorching intention

Forging a basket of flowers from frozen glass daggers and fragments

Slicing the tender green shoots that were meant to hold more fragrance

Just the smell of sick

Guttural, gaping raped insults scattered on the bare table

I jump into galoshes to hold the rain

Slopping about in already stretched polyester socks

The ones I bought from the market

With the sausages that I fried on a Wednesday

With creamy mashed potato

For no reason

No one was there

No one is ever there
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 22nd June 2015

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