Poem of the Day — Prized Open

Prized Open
Pause for breath, suck it and see

My heart trembles, resembling torn parchment

As I glance at the perpetrator on the balcony

Just there for a second

A passing thought, a story builds up in my assembling mind

Blind to the reality

Presumed shadows of light sensed by a fading memory

Grasping for words, imagining italics

Tiled bathroom reflected imagery, looks like a body wrenched from under a car

The one I was driving when it turned upside down

Crushed like a recycled bake bean tin

Squeezed like a deflated bouncing castle

When all the children have left the party

Playing with tazers for a change

Immersed in dark thoughts

Penetrating the blue sky horizon

The heat beach deck chair intention; burning red thoughts and similar skin

Peeling bells ring out the change

Of what a pressure gauge explosion could look like

Titillated by the creamy ice van; housed in vintage garden imagery

A jingle like crushed choir boys

In next doors garden

Searching for butterflies, they see them one by one

Skirting the plants like questionnaires; their billboards flapping

All at once running slowly

Settling to lay some implants

For tomorrow

The next generation

Involved in a little sharing

Administering planned relief from challenging times

The people are shining

Are screaming

In partly accepted belief

Away the native dancers, vibrating torsos

Describe the time

Envelop a statue of permanent availability

A stroll in the dark

To see the emerging sun
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 26th June 2015

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