Poem of the Day — Heave a Sigh

Heave a Sigh
Bring together a pace, a decision; a bumped up paragon of desire

Just the mentality to spare a thought, many tendrils of imagination spanning generations

The ones I left behind believing they were unnecessary

My back aching in dream scape repetition

Torn by breathing backwards into a void, an empty can a sandcastle man

A space made by my own lack of discretion

A thrusting desire that can never really subside

Unless it burns in cans on the fire by the window, near the gate

The open fortress that boasts a trivial jovial practicality

A small pack of books for sale on the doorstep

Left over gifts from ideas that were never meant to function

More stuff filling the cupboards, bulging suitcase clasps gagging

Gathering chest pain particles for the sake of it

Clean out the corners of dust and screwed up messages

Scrub with bleach the brown paper parcel paper

The popping plastic cushions gusts of air like a hurricane to a microbe

Blown from one inch to another

The length of a life

Who can say when the time is up

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 1st July 2015

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