Series Ongoing — Chapter 9 part 9 Time to Remember

Stephanie finished getting Rosie ready and carried her into the living room; sat her down and brought her some toys whilst keeping her eyes fixed on her. Stephanie was going through a transition, she felt spaced out but strangely relieved. A sense of returning to the truth that she had known and somehow, for some reason forgotten. Sure enough Rosie got her attention and gently gestured her hand to a few clear plastic balls that suddenly evolved into objects more complex. Stephanie had been carefully prepared by the young child to be able to accept what she was about to witness.

The spheres that not seemed like crystal glass began to float in front of Rosie and gently merged together into a larger sphere. As the sphere began to expand it started to spin and vibrate. All background light and objects became irrelevant as the ball began to fill with the coloured gasses that Stephanie was already familiar with. All she could see now was the sphere and realised that inside the gasses were the figures of a man and woman who were still. They started to look at her and wave.

Intense emotion rose in Stephanies chest bone and her heart fluttered as she recognised these figures to be her great grandparents. It was really difficult for her to understand, her mind had however been released frrom the trapped torment that had been self imposed since her daughter had been born. It was meant to be this way to protect her and the child. Stephanie need to understand exactly how everyone was suffering, so this period of time would help her understand what was happening with people being trapped in linear time. So Stephanie had a sense of this for the first time for a while

As this realisation was embraced the sphere and the images faded and the room and Rosie were in front of her again. She calmly picked up her beautiful daughter and gently hugged her at last really able to share love with her

It was a beautiful and long awaited moment.

May 30th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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