Series Ongoing Story – Chapter 10 part 1

CHAPTER10 part 1 – An Awakening

Daniel stood bemused as Jasper left the room. Was this guy some sort of magician he thought to himself. Maybe he could certainly earn more cash trying to help people turn their businesses around. Unfortunately though, right at the point of illumination he had let Daniel down. He felt that he was an emergency case; however Daniel took on board this last piece of advice and sat down to ponder for a while how this could have been an illusion. If it wasn’t what he had witnessed here was mind-blowing.

Daniel had known jasper for a while; they had met when they were teenagers. They had served in the military together. Thankfully, at that particular time in history the military was mainly utilised in supporting scientific research. Their resources and physical training being ideal for getting people into places and situations that were normally difficult to research. Daniel had been involved in the Idea Factory straight after his military but had a difficult experience there. Jasper knew this and had always felt for Daniel. He had been seriously traumatised ans so had been stopped in his process of developing his potential. Basically he was running scared. There was a crossroads that everyone met in in the IF process but not all could cross. The nature of the The Eternal Distance could be truly disturbing if the preparation had been in any way below standard. Daniel enjoyed the military regime. He was very strong on rules and regulations.

This was still the case. Due to the problems that Daniel had encountered he had been kind of re-programmed so that he could live out a reasonable life outside of the Idea Factory. So he was a casualty of the IF process; they were not a perfect organisation by any means and constantly learning and developing. Jasper always knew that Daniel was and important part of the jigsaw and he alone had never given up on his potential. Jasper was convinced that he would be the one to break through and find a way to lead all people to be able to reveal their innate power.

June 6th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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