Series Ongoing Story — Chapter 10 part 2 Emotional Shedding

Tom and Jane were still together. A team it seemed. They felt this was part of the plan: man and woman after all were how humanity had developed or procreated at least. So many fineries and complexities on the way but basically the union between man and woman had generally seen the blue planet become inundated with thinking beings Of course all sort of reason for this had been contrived through different philosophies.

Logic wasn’t part of the new understanding that they had been introduced to though. Of course certain laws still stayed true, but many were only but an illusion in the first place. In a sense Tom and Jane were one. This conversation and dialogue that continue was a line of communication; So why or why bother??

So what was their task?

What was the reason for all of this?

All the two conscious beings in this dialogue could understand was they had thought they had died but realised that they were still together. This is an important point in the whole experience that the three men were now experiencing. Latent has power’; it has creative potential: it is part of life not separate

It seemed to Tom and Jane that all they had were the building blocks to carry the next part of the plan forward. They had been through a gruelling realisation that they were no longer alive in the sense that they had previously comprehended. They were only now understanding that the emotional shedding was part of the process that humanity would eventually need to become aware of. So all the connections with world, through the senses are only relative to the existence that they are in. Obvious really when you think about it; but why would anybody think of it.

Tom was the first to grasp that he was actually experiencing his true self and gradually had warmed to the idea. To start with it was dreadfully sad and uncomfortable. However as far as they knew they really might as well enjoy it, whatever it was

Then things started to happen. Tom and Jane were able to conjure up themselves as a perceived image. Then there were new memories. They found this invigorating; remembering many lifetimes in many place and now free of linear time they could savour these thoughts.

Now to begin to share some of this with these young fortunate men so in turn they would be able to develop the wisdom to transpose the world they had left so suddenly.

June 22nd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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