Poem of the day 2 – Sticking in Treadmill

Sticking in Treadmill

Just a pale memory

A source of glory and a testimony

Placed on shining glass

A spectre shattered

A drizzling make shift shelter

I meant it for my shrinking solitude

Not for everyone to visit

To prosper at the expense of all and sundry

A bird bath happening

A flash in the pan

Into the fire

A melting pot of convention

Broad ranging project

Bevelled edged biscuits

To feed the maligned

Show favours to our partner

Gesture a gentle rising

Above the mark; a puffed up generation

Still we can’t stay the same

Performing an endless game

Of thinkers that understand

We flock in vibrant abundance

Not able to see our function

Breathing deeply to stay awake

A sentry to guard our disbelief

Our energy seeping through a generously light endeavour

Staggered by the learning and attention

We wait

For some closure

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 4th August 2015

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