Poem of the Day — Slim Channel

Slim Channel
Creaking door, quietly trembles; affection for a simple idea

The fresh brisk reality of sea

Muddy shoes cleansed with the rush of rain

Warm water steaming as the body heats in dank humid passivity

A passion as my vision is trimmed by slowly slipping glass

Smiling as the tired alms are given to sleep

I question my likelihood

Searching the depths of best led intentions

Service for no reason

A slave to a system

Sold to submission without conception

Bold lies engulfed an unsuspecting nation

Quietly comfortable in ignorance

Stand and be delivered

Crush the resistance in doubt and wondering

Smile in custard coloured shoes

To demonstrate the tied down mentality

No geese to boo at

Look inside the petulant teenager

The one who nearly ended it all

For now

It is not over

Fight on

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 7th August 2015

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