Poem of the Day – Green Park

Green Park

Balmy lapping traffic, rippling waves of cars,

Calmly green, seen from a sideline.

A lasting escape, a grave digging perception.

Drifting wind and breeze

A soul trading beacon

Comments in rattling passing phrases;

I feel full and empty

Together with the millions,

Mixed up in each others opinion

A masterful rendition

Escaped from lazy longing

A jaundiced shadow shimmers as short sunshine passes

Sliding shapes travel slowly, not allowed to continue

As the margin is broken

A spoken word just waited for.

Plenty to risk, on crisp brown burnt bereft leaves.

Already crunching:

Cool ideas ripple out into cavernous holes

A whole different matter

To scatter intention and belief

A real tantrum

Tiny disturbance spiralling into misunderstanding.

A relief of tension

Spurting outwards, divulging, a strained procession

Of popular landmarks

Flashing with camera memories

Reflected in stammering monologues

A beauteous course of events

Torrents of tears gushing down avenues of fear

Brave again and stretched on markers

Busking for business

Singing in tunes for markets

Shovels clatter chambers that seem lost in history

A mystery

Fine for a minute

Maybe: Maybe not

Just a best kept secret

Locked in a bunker

With a button

To press time

When the alarm shatters the silence.

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 12th August 2015

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