Poem of the Day – Train Ride

Train Ride
Pliable researched, enthralled to return to design

A parable presented by angles

A team approach to demonstrate the source

Flouting pretension, blocked by negation

Not special stuff eh!

Smoking burn free paper

The other side of this

Ever again in the family

East side formed of plates

Smashed in China

Related to questions from silk screen dealers

On the salt march with grandpa

A good given sleeper

Tired of travellers

Fired up by broken dreams

A trouble free soliloquy

Written in mysterious modules

Slithers of glass stick in aromatic tendrils

A glass house inspector tries to level the landing

A different reason

Savour the more stable manure

To grow the talking tablet minstrel

I felt a closed door opening

Spilt on fresh cloth covered trousers

Bickering fishermen take the bait

Already hooked on Sundays

A meagre fever

Planes land heavily

Without wheels

Remember at this stage you don’t need the face mask

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 12th August 2015

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