Poem of the Day — Plucked List

Plucked List

Grapple with the triple layer ubiquity

Blasted in parks of trees and slow growing chopping blocks,

smothered by grieving servants

Bowing to compass wielding navigators

with a monocle balanced on my cheek as I whimper

Just a tremulous outburst

foreseen dream captured in a wind bleak aperture

a flow of information blocked

by bridges of fear

clasped in credulous dealings

never sever in backdrop

similar outcomes as an outburst in the cemetery

Chapped lips bleeding for mysterious outcomes

Packed by grappling real estate magnates

All green in pleated napkins

Caressed wooden rings shining grease stains

boiled in black potted undergrowth

Belching, bordering on vacuous nonsensical mutterings

Like you do when you are choked with emotion

Sobbing deep as your diaphragm submits to a build up of distressed

Crevices filled with tears



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 10th September 2015

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