Poem of the Day — Passed in Wrapping

Passed in Wrapping

Crinkle cut, skirt dressed in light blue flashes

Scribbling mischief at a past revelling party

A masterful recovery notion

Bought by calm and distant cousins

My restful; in tones of peeled orange, tangy but bitter on the tongue

Litmus test drive reservists on the way to a mainline station

They will get more than they bargained for

Tripping on a kerb whilst phoning for a fix in the morning

Carbon dating triple knocking at the door; trying to get into another reality

Barmy as a whisked up retriever

A dog and bone conversation

I was on the side-walk; or a path as I like to call it

That crumbled into ashes as I was breathing

A slide into punctured fever; shaking and scared

I slipped while frisking the assailant in Chelsea bun clothing

No more ducks as my slide is spitting venom

Sparked by a pancake landing

With lashings of rain

She was sporting crinoline trousers

Wrinkling in bastard caverns

A measure of success

A measure sucking egg shells

A measure of the times

An inch and they will mistake a yard for a garden

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 20th September 2015

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