Poem of the Day — Telling Tales

Pinch and describe salient dream cycles

Flamboyant talking points

Gathering sticks and show them sharing darkness

I slide down the bank

I jump through the stooping grandfathers crooked gap

Challenging, just managing a tear,

Inside I hide a flutter of discontent

A plum tree orchard picked late by blackbirds

To feed the late brood

Squawking; they could be dead by Christmas

A further product of the weather changeling

Yet they say we must have a bomb

To put people off mass murder

How absurder could that be than pressing a button

After the world is finished

Just to put icing in the cake

Another unresolved conflict

The final detailed disaster

Dying in solitude

Just greet the flash of light at the final end of a tunnel
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 20thth October 2015

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