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Poem of the Day – Yes We Want

Due to be framed tomorrow
Due to be framed tomorrow

Yes we Want

Pleased with giving nothing,

A trough for slops

Prized away with cupped hands

Twisting and forgetting

Frail and broken

Tatoos on muscles


While the windy wintery tree splits, flowing leaves receding

Slaves to this Tate

With all of those ideas

In stink an art, a petroleum bond

Won away by war where everyone loses

Seperate dishes, chipped through endless rough treatment

A gift for my frozen reflection

The light shivers in a moment

Like a glove between the statue of stillness

Throatless singers

Shave on the fresh air vibration

A blameless argument

Just lack of conversation

A nation

In the sea



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 16th November 2015


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