Poem of the Day — Finger Flicking


Separate blank lines

Entwined, sublime

Reflections of journeys

Juxtaposed with generous servings

Rattling like a tin can in a cage

Enrage the captor

Tease an angle, a viewpoint

Understanding the overflowing

Storing identity and purpose

Visions of the circumspect

The parallel incision planted

Sown between furrows

On the brow of sweat

Crumbling on the edge of a cliff

A precipise, a leaning

Learning bleed eccentric

Barrage of cracks with fingers

Slipping out to flood the horizon

With the brooding blood

Of game birds

Whose game is up

Over with and dusted

Under the car petroleum

With piles of irritable insects

Making their homes, their families

Hovels of continuance

Just a crumbling state

A state that smells failure

To leave the pressure off the elite

A complete facade

A patriotic guard

Against economic disaster

that would be peace

A capital conundrum

An end



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 23rd November 2015

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