Poem of the Day – Lavender Train

Lavender train


A picture, a prediction; lost and found

With shards of shivering light caught in symmetry

Lots to talk about

Open and closed for a short moment


Sought for and stepped into

The hours of waiting

Released from restriction


A great time to count the numbers

One to six, shaken and tossed in tandem,

Brushed aside

Tired and wavering

Concerns and outstanding revelations


Escaping condemnation

Elation clearly rising

Not chastising

Prison gates held in chains

Courses, tumbling, dribbling,

Fractured shadows shimmering

Grabbing chances


Staid, smart and resolute

Enchantress bed is covered in dust

A must for the end of time



Punctured paper crushed and manipulated

Serrated and shredded

Fed to the governess

Who was well deserved


Writhe and choke

On the written evidence

Phlegm engulfed strangulation


Gone at last

Free from the past



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 21st December 2015



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