Poem of the Day– Tasted Time

Tasted time


Porcupine wine designing,

Expiring service dealt from the ephemeral

Not equipped for tellers


Forty tuned violas

Swing out serenades


Pop and cheery teens

Young blubber balls bouncing cows

Full up and festooned with jamboree bags


Rags to riches

Golden stitches holding purses and raconteurs


Packed up servant with dusters and brollies

In charitable mood they come knocking

Shocking really as the deer are rutting


No anchor to hold onto


Yellow spectre haunts the horizon

Held together with limelight

While fog fills the boots

And the rumble of cannons

Shower the ears


A new ship

Should last for years


If it hadn’t blown up



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 31st December 2015


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