Poem of the Day –Blinkered



Chilled visit imposing a broken agreement

The scent of fear strong; virulent perspiration dripping from every pore

Core belief blocked, pumping repeated resistance

A lie, a viscous internal dilemma.


Tune into the churning, chipped away, burning

Sipped in tender drips through chiselled lips

Red and sore from cold winds

Accepting real time reasons, driven by power.


Cracking glass slowly so the snapping sounds reverberate

Too late to back out

Let down, broken heart can never be forgotten

No healing, resolution lost in black contempt.


A grey street reflecting window shimmers a carved up image of tears

Still falling from neglect and exclusion.

Rampant reason to rampage and wreck

Stamped out in letters unopened.


All an illusion

A session of spoilt decisions

Pickled with onions peeled and battered.


Brown stains on paper memories

Torn and burned in fires of discontent



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 30th January 2016


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