Poem of the Day — Tipsee Tripped

TIPSEE tripped


A tarnished pot,

Green in copper fashioned history.


Trapped in transport café tea bag

Squeezed free of flavour


Brandy snap dragons, in rolled up slices

Hung out to cry


Investing bands of gold swathed in bathing clothes

Showing feelings towards complexity


Brass turned strings plucked from emotive wings

All sounds in hunting persona;

Mice kept in harbour paranoia.


A sea to taste attraction

Fact is open to steaming puddings,


Strange pinched people,

Endanger resolution


Mass of scantily carved dresses

Torn grievously


Truncated in corrugated cosmogony

A man’s world,

Chained to attacking trickery


Slither mercilessly,

Unperturbed by rubbish

Tattoo drawn to attract


Fetch a cold treat dipped in petrol free imagination

Who is the dream star

Sprayed on for show

Sitting next to a bucket


A flower of originality


Beaten by falling emotions


Copyright PTL February 2016

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