Poem of the Day –Punch and Moody

Punch and Moody


Pricked teeth grinding

Feather toed mercilessly follows

A broken ticket dispenser


Alive and kicking out of belief

Street canned tight fitting feet

Shoes for trumpets

Cone for hearing

Steering out of disease

Excused for questions

Bent in time with whistles


Beacon shining from cliffs

Ships crashing on waves

Sound ridges, mountains and valleys

Flowers trembling in the breeze


Flesh rippling and chilled in winter sun


My billowing red nose is bent on believing

Retrieving a last clever command of a fluttering heart


Don’t start a fresh outrage

Your passion intention invalid

Your cocked hat raised in judicial bargaining


The weaving self startling

Engraving; reflected in the stealing plumes of tension

Not to mention a prickly heat of disgust

Rusty eyes gawping at carved on tattoos

Lose the jester


Hurt with danger

A rose pricked finger daubed in red lemon

Fallen star crashing in jealous rage

A crestfallen window smashes ten floors below

As alms givers wilt in the midday sun


Black windows of night’s twinkling eyes

Gather majestic bellows of wind

Gusts of memories

Lack lustre overtures


A broken tin being buckled by passing buses

Cleaned for the next load of passengers

Beast within, paraffin burnt baker-lite attachments


Stamped out fissures

Crept up to you

Sold out

A blessed forgiveness


By love



Copyright PTL February 2016

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