Poem of the Day – Soft Shore

Soft Shore


Round, turning, dotting, dipping

In shallow shaping sea show


Smiling curious deep beauty crashing

Welcome perfecting, twisting a slight inflection

A shadow direction

A mysterious interaction

A child treated exception


Partly dreaming, tired of scheming

Warmed heart collection

A joyous resurrection.


Gentle thrum of chirruping whispering

The shore encrusted

Flustered whistling, with grasses swinging in the wind.


Mastering a fraction

A point of distraction

A master of pleasing a calm cool outlook

A beat tree spreading

Intuitive breathing


Make out, rivers are high

Half moon expectant future moment

A loving triple treasure moment


Dreams of more serenity, calm form complexity

A new venture waves for eternity

Together fall to earth certainty.


Love for hugged earth embracing

Hold to joy spilled gravity

Land lost, grilled burden;

Chilled version of passivity

No step forward with tall storied building moment


Vacuous propensity, a vast vilified intensity

Oh small shell perfection

Brought back to desire

Found down deep in laws

Of life and reason

A repeated again

A repeated

But not an end


Copyright PTL Feb 29th 2016

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