Poem of the Day -Pints of pressed questions

Pints of pressed questions


Clapped into being

Forgotten before

Sounder than a concrete wing

With strong bonding; a crest of the wave feeling

Stealing the audience gaze


A cap tilted; suggesting oblique fractures

Shining in prisms for fashion


Stiletto heels crack open the fears

Tight trousers slithered on like tight moths wings stuck to candle wax


Crisp clicking finger nails scraping windows

A scream on a parchment memory

A clasping gene bends reality

A parity with reason


The season for sharp tart counterparts

To sell to bland brogue scuffing slave drives

The ones with Martinis in doomed glasses

Last trickily notion dripping from the wrist


Sever relations with the corn sellers

Yellow tailed malingerers

Splashing out on boring games

Treat the others like a holiday team

Names for bank balances


Frozen assets

Pickled body parts

Grilled for carnage

Blood sucked


Left out for the carrion crow


Copyright PTL March 10th 2016

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