Poem of the Day – Spine



Level times buckling line

Space white high flying

Err in the face of fatal recall


Blur the lines


Slight the frozen rivulets

A meagre upmarket display of jagged shards

Escaping the pains,


Taking efforts to tease at party filled glasses

Dismissing the morose

Shambling troubles


Whispering, shunting decisions

In vast chasms; enslaved and encompassed


Wild white wings slash through cotton

To shrivel the skin in revulsion

Compulsion to dream



In complete

Denial of repetition

Disguised, malevolent and frozen

Particularly in colour


Slim in troubled light



Basking in lemon


Placid now as schemes unravel

Stir the redeeming function

Dying compulsion to flatter

Live in tatters and tourniquet


Filled in feathers

Cute as a side winding snake

Forget fresh

Place a deal

On the table


yright PTL March 20th 2016


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