Poem of the Day — Kissed inside

Kissed inside


Trouble breathing; a crust growing emotion.

Exclusion grafted delusion

As wood appears to be sanded;

Smooth as ice cream

Trickling down a burning vacuum

Sucked dry of shapes

Caked in grease it slides

In perfect motion


Under relating with warmed up curves

Touching the nerves

Giving all that is deserving

Servicing the mistletoe dream

Not all polite courting

Rowdy birds finding their home for the year


A tear dripping from the streaming nose

What dose can I take to soften

The often closing avenues

Shut by thoughts

Not an ethical process

None the less, a more seasoned platter

In tatters for shredding

Paper torn dripping

Not equipped for listening


Wire caught tightly around the neck

Best keep quiet about the things we have seen

No one will believe

No one was there when it happened

The fresh blood is ready

To flow

To coagulate

To flatten


April 5th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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