Poem of the Day — Collapse Unguarded

At last a poem about something — last Wednesday I had a seizure in the street and just wrote this poem

Collapse unguarded


All okay a busy day granted

Delivered like a gift to the park

Dog in hand

Tippling beginning

Grey clouds clustering

Mustering up an atmosphere of exhaustion


Pirate gate burst open and the seas of awareness swell

Look at the road sign reclining

To get the bearings; balance gone

Steering towards a safe zone

But it is no more


The colours play games with existence

The eyes play tricks with the boundaries

Scoundrels juggle perception in the corner of my eyes

Are the seeing or freeing up a measure

Of time; where is that: who knows

It grows out of all proportion


No ground no ocean

No seat to plant a guess on

Practically given up, just move or I think I am then crash;

Bash my head and nose

Smash my knee

On the bed in the van when it comes back to being me




April 8th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016


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