Poem of the Day — Scowl at Market

Scowl at Market


Pricked in surplus gowns

Flesh bumps, rising through cavernous tears

Cares dashed on rocks.

Heart ripped and vague

Change of pearl polished ideas.


Drying in the warm outside conservatory:

The same story as yesterday


Pay the price on catapult pantry table.

Tossed through a window

Go to sea, a view

Wave the crest fallen gentry.

Staggering from a hole;

Poles apart from all people

A steeple jack in the box.


Mocks the crowd in the jammed up hallway

All waiting for a funnel;

To pour the fluid careers in.

Begin rather than send

That final message.


Call all friends

Remember a good heart

A friend


April 18th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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