Picture Framing Glass: Plain or Non-Reflective?

Framing Fairy

Picture Framing glass is a funny old thing.  Most of us just think, glass is glass, but what about when you are faced with a choice?  How do you know what glass is right for your picture?  For example, a lot of people insist on having non-reflective glass (NRG), but for what reason?

I’ve found that quite a lot of people have heard of it and as such want to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject.  But when delving a bit deeper into the reasons why, often I find that they don’t really know.  It might have been that their last framer insisted that everything had to be NRG (this would make me slightly suspicious as NRG is more expensive and is much easier and quicker to work with than “standard” glass).

The customer might have had other work done in NRG and subsequently thinks that all their pictures have

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