Poem of the Day — Plaster Crater

Plaster Crater


Piled in created dreams; teams of mischievous tempters

Striped late and best built, cream coloured, tattered town houses

Levelled for development, sent away by beastly malingering voyeurs

Looking for the sake of raising wind

Blown apart by steam pulling power


Lift the lid off all the bricked up bunkers

The ones for the chosen few

Buns in a pantry; glass cased showman

Shivering in cracked openings

Where the cold hearted get in

To laugh at the dresser


The pink flake tormented by melted coffee chocolate

Burning the deck chair legs, while the plastic not canvas bubbles in stinking black fumes smother

Consumed by the frost filled air that breaks like the waves in front of us

Standing their counting the foam; listening to the rustle of shingle

Blades drawn to slice downwards

To finish this short stay

Dipped in tar and patched onto the roof

Stuck in time

In perspiring ecstasy

We decay

We melt back into the universe


April 22th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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