Poem of the Day — Cracked River

Cracked River


Torn between sheets we shiver in relief,

Spent, ironed, but wrinkled

The lines and red eyes cross, in strung out feelings and pleasures

Melting my mountains of apprehension.


Burning; tapered and dappled balls bouncing;

Wave surface shimmering and shaping,

Folding like eggs in lemon meringue.


A song for cold marionettes

Singing silver polished shining ballads

To sketch a vision.


An argument;

A flash of conscious recognition;

A captured conflict

Broken silence seeks a ruffled purpose


Crushed melons: dripping foreheads, tender fingers

Touched and covered in soft melted chocolate

Rambling stones sing sad songs to cover an overture


Pressed lime

Whisked with orange cream


And left

To go green

To evaporate

To flow like steam from a kettle

On windows

And flower filled sills with views

Of fresh green grass

Copper coloured sheds in blue and white cotton relief


We revel in sun short but sharp

Today is warm

Tomorrow is gone


April 25th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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