Poem of the Day — Juggle Piece

Juggle Piece


Slight, slim;

Squeezed in denim

Black and tanned

Silver leggings

Quivering like a jelly in anticipation

A nation grieving for a loss


Wait; there’s a question

Can it be true

A final challenge rifling through forces


A spark,

A fissure; opening wounds, eating existence

In a trance fixed and private

Straight as a fly fixed on flying at the window.


Pain streaming pictures of a ghastly lost relationship

A float for a real song; a jig

A dancing privilege lost amongst the better born

Or dead before they have even been elected.

A heavenly intervention


A relief from standing, waiting for a poorly made sandwich board

Broom in hand, to sweep up the complaints

A visceral approach

Lost in the gaps

Frozen in time



May 8th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 201





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