Poem of the day — Matchstick Ball

Matchstick Ball


Barking in test driven carpet salesman’s trousers,

Floundering for words: a slight hiccup in time.

Planting seaweed flavours in tea for bedraggled guests:

To revive.


Sound slithering between cracks in the mind.

Triple loud squandering bought out bargain shop boxes

Socks in millennia breakdown; the panic corrupted.

Refresh a button on jeans where snap on convenience is rusted


Crack open a closed wind breaking cover

Capture the sunlight for dazed, depraved late night rapture

In Sea the song of currents blend with soft sucking of stones,

Lapped into warm waters to freeze.


Clapped out hands cover eyes; to look at darkness

A memory of the beginning

Safety and water in the womb

A tomb for others, an achievement for mothers; a parasite haven


Scraps torn out: used as fragments

Produce a beginning; a seedling blooming

Assuming that Spring might stay in season.

Wail against the ball that is bouncing for no reason


Someone dropped it from the ceiling

To cause a stir; a ripple a grieving

The twisted tree burns like a torch

The destruction has meaning; the construction is dreaming.




May 12th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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