The Eternal Distance Episode 2 Spiral

IMG_1306Courtesy of Art lady illustrations                                                                                       Eve Turner-Lee

TRING TRING TRING TRING, the alarm bell clattered as Jess jumped in his seat. His heart fluttered and his throat was dry. He felt giddy as he clambered out of the chair he so often found himself asleep in. Rubbing grit from his sticky eyes; he staggered towards the retro, wind up alarm clock. It was strategically placed on the far side of his flock wall papered dingy den. He put it there to get him out of bed.

Jess was not a morning lover or even early afternoon. Some days he had stayed in this room isolating himself. The whole situation had got out of control, that was why he was leaving. His sister Gabby had suggested it to him.

She still cared for some reason; he thought everyone else had probably given up on him. He was not understood; well that was almost the case. Every now and then Jess had spent time with people who got where he was coming from. That company however was always limited.

He enjoyed his own company; it was fitting into the world of work that upset him.

Jess gradually made his way to the bathroom; shuffling the occasional screwed up piece of paper to one side with his feet with their characteristic bare big toe showing through the worn out odd sock parade. He was aware that it was really windy. The front door was rattling, which meant that the wind was gusting through the badly repaired window frame down the hallway.

Something was strange in the washroom. There was an atmosphere, a feeling and the storm was no longer at the front of Jess’s mind. The bathroom seemed to have a different colour to it. He couldn’t put his finger on exactly what was different His shaving mirror no longer reflected what was in the room. It looked like a window. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it, as he stepped closer to his grubby little hand basin to get a closer look.

Slowly Jess was hypnotised and had a sense of a spiral. A three dimensional spinning sensation was what he was looking at. Then he became a part of the mass that was turning faster and faster. He felt a sucking, he was being transported in a funnel a narrowing. Jess was spinning in a whirlwind, or a tornado but not feeling just sensing. He was without form but had a sense of existence. There was no time, no reality as he understood it. He somehow knew this feeling, it wasn’t strange to him; he had a sense of speed although no recognition of himself at the same time.

All at one moment everything focussed and Jess felt as if he was collected together. He felt as if he was being scooped up and flung down by a huge paint brush and he was the mass of paint that was flying through the air. He somehow was aware of a thrust and a fast movement then nothing.

Jess slowly opened his eyes, there was a tall man, who for some reason felt familiar, holding his hand. The man was tanned with dark brown eyes looking closely at Jess, “Well done young warrior, you had us all really worried the last few days! Now don’t talk, you’ve got to rest: no questions just sleep.” The man gently stepped back and sat in a nearby chair. Jess could feel his eyes probing him.

Although confused, Jess felt strangely calm. He didnt have a clue what was going on. Straight away from the smell of antiseptic and the clean machine feel about the place, it became clear that he was a hospital. All the thoughts of the mirror and the spinning was quickly drifting away from his consciousness. It was bright in the room but there was no lightning. He was almost forgetting where he had come from.

Still all Jess could do was be where he was; he felt unusually at ease, not in his habitual state of anxiety. Outside the window was a sort of yellowish colour, like street lights or night lights. He heard moving about, echoes, hospital noises; he was aware, that if this was a dream; it was ridiculously realistic. He couldn’t really move and didn’t even feel like he wanted to. There was a clatter, a metal jingling sound, he sensed someone else had come into the room.

Suddenly a nurse in blue with a fob watch attached to her uniform briefly looked into his eyes. She had neat brown straight hair and a small exacting face. There was a soft calming look in her eyes, genuine not harsh. She seemed comfortable and in charge. He had a sense of recognition but did not understand why.

Ah the brave young boy has come back to us. Don’t you worry little one we will look after you.” She slowly observed Jess, checking his responses as she circled his bed

Why wasn’t he in a panic. This could be a nightmare. It all seemed totally real but it must be a dream. The nurse starting jangling again. She turned a tap, on top of the metal stand that was next to the bed. Jess felt a warm feeling in his arm where a tube was inserted. This was followed by a deep sense of well being.

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